Our vision

A softer life

Our philosophy

There is this saying that you are what you eat. True, but you are what you drink too.
We defend natural products, simple pleasures and honest tastes. Feeling good is a choice of every instant!

Nothing but what matters

In a word, good taste.
This means our lemon actually tastes like what it is, lemon.

You shouldn’t even have to ask


Organic ingredients

Organic food shoud be the default option not the exception.
We believe it shouldn’t even need a label but in the meantime, we wear it proudly. Our drinks are made with organic ingredients. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

100% natural

Our drinks contain only a (very!) limited number of ingredients.
We have one rule and we stick to it: nothing to hide.
That means no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours, no added sugar or sweeteners.

Made in France

We prepare and bottle our drinks in France.
And we go for local honey too.
When it goes too scarce (and trust us we know where to look), we sometimes cross the border to be able to stick with organic!

Helping the bees out

We commit to the preservation of bees through sponsoring beehives and insect hotels.
There are now more than 40 000 bees in the family!

Each Spring, we also give away mason bee houses to help our followers support bees in their garden.