Born fresh !

Organic honey water

Melio boisson citron miel

Honey – Lemon


Water, honey*, lemon juice*

*Ingredient from organic farming

Melio boisson citron gingembre

Honey – Lemon – Ginger


Water, honey*, ginger juice*, lemon juice*

*Ingredient from organic farming

Melio boisson pommes canelle

Honey Apple Cinnamon


Water, honey*, apple juice*, lemon juice*, cinnamon*

*Ingredient from organic farming

Honey Orange blossom


Water, honey*, orange blossom*, lemon juice*

*Ingredient from organic farming

Just found out about the awesome organic Melio drinks, they are just yeeahh. Plus they are organic. Nothing to add.


Great discovery at the local organic supermarket, new honey-lemon and honey-lemon-ginger drinks! Just delicious.


Morning energy with my Mélio drink. This subtle taste of honey at home with Melio, I’m just crazy about the new line of drinks, 100% organic. They’ve managed to replace my daily iced-tea, and that’s no easy thing!


How to start the week with style! A perfect breakfast with a new discovery, the Melio honey water. So soft and light, just the way I like them